'O Pere e 'O Musso

Did I ever said that in Italy the last thing you find in food is "consistency"?
Did I ever said that, even within the same city, you can find different recipes for the same dish, depending the quarter? Here in Florence San Giovanni and San Frediano are not just different saints.....

 'O Pere e 'O Musso, is a dialectal espression from Napoli and Salerno. It is composed my two words ( with relative articles...): Pere and Musso. They mean: Piede e Muso, that is: Foot and Face.

It is a street food, served, thinly sliced on a disposal tray,  with a drizzle of just squeezed lemon juice.
The "face " ( skin, cheek...) and the foot ( with all the nerves, and connective tissue..) of the veal ( veal ,not pork!!) are boiled.
This is one of the many preparations born by necessity to not waste.

I was a little "freak out" - not easy to even look at it.
But then, onces sliced, with some drops of lemon juice.... I tasted. 
Simple, delicious and, overall, respectuful.