Friday, November 3, 2017

Calendar: the Third Week of November 2017

The Third Week of November  2017

MON 13th
TUE 14th
WED 15th
THUR 16th
FRI 17th
SAT 18th
SUN 19th
9,30 -  01:00
Dessert 2 : Chocolate.Two versions of salted chocolate mousse; Chocolate mousse, raspberry garnish.

Sweet And Sour Tradition 2: Renaissance duck in orange sauce with variations
stuffed pigeon; Guinea fowl with grapes..

Finger Food
Class open to students’ ideas and requests.

10:00 -01:00

11:00 -02:00


Menu vegetariano: risotto con….(in base al mercato e alla stagione)
Caponata  Siciliana
Pere al vino e zabaglione

Paste ripiene da tre Regioni:
Tortelli di zucca (Lombardia)
Casiumzei ( Veneto)
Ravioli ( Toscana



Note: the Open lesson can take place with at least two people

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Calendar: the Second Week of November 2017

The Second week of November  2017

MON 6h
TUE 7th
WED 8th
THUR 9th
FRI 10st
SUN 12th
9,30 -  01:00

 Offals : chicken liver ; tripe, pork liver, brains. Pan brioche: making bread.

Sweet And Sour Tradition 1 : Caponata, Pork with liquorice. Lobster
With blueberry sauce
An Italian Typical Menu.Preparation of a feast Italian meal with four courses: Ravioli with cheese and pears; Ida’s veal rolls; Peas Florentine style; Glazed fruit.

10:00 -01:00

11:00 -02:00

Meat 2 : low cooking - confit, game. Recipes: Carne ‘ncartata.; Hare with blueberries and chestnuts. Salmì and Civet.



Ice Cream : The technique. Sorbets. Parmigiano ice cream for appetizer

Friday, October 27, 2017


Sembra che stare in cucina insieme aumenti l'appetito....

Calendar: the week between October and November 2017

The Week between  October   and November 2017

MON 30th
TUE 31st
WED 1st
THUR 2nd
FRI 3rd
SAT  4th
SUN 5th
9,30 -  01:00
Vegetable 1
Recipes: Classic Melanzane alla Parmigiana Eggplant mousse in chocolate bomb; Minestrone.; delicate lentils soup.

Fish 2 - Preserved Cod Fish, Baccalà and Stoccafisso, from traditional recipes to foams. Anchovies and sardines: from Roman Garum to modern finger foods.

Pasta 4 : Coloured Pasta, with vegetables. Pasta with soy lecitine. Recipes: Green handkerchiefs with asparagus and scampis; Black taglioni with white squid; Coffee tagliatelle with artichokes; Red tagliolini with zucchini and smoked cheese

Gnocchi : Recipes: potato gnocchi ; fuchsia with beet roos; chestnut gnocchi. Spinach dumplings; Parisienne.

Dessert 1 : traditional Cantuccini and variation on it. Lecitine cookies and caramelised figs. Savillum and other combinations of cheese and honey

Vegetables 2 : More cold sauces; Dry pasta with vegetables – Artichoke flan; Fried zucchini.

10:00 -01:00

11:00 -02:00


La Pasta fresca: l’impasto e la forma
Lasagne con ragù e besciamella
Corollo all’olio extra vergne di olive e caramello al vino

Menu di pesce: Spaghetti vongole e zucchini
Pesce crudo all’arancia ( spiegazione dell’anisakis)
Crespelle di farina di castagne con ripieno di ricotta



09:30 pm

Note: the Open lesson can take place with at least two people

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Detailed Tale of the Tail

Lobster & Blueberry sauce: where Tuscany meets Maine

I see many points of contact between Mount Desert and the place where I was born in Tuscany. The place is an island, as well as Mount Desert, and, like Mount Desert, it is constituted by a whole piece of granite rock. Its name is Giglio. 

Then longitude, latitude, glacial eras and time have shaped the two islands in different way. But any time I came up here, I can recognize the same familiar smell in the rock. Like on my island, there is an overcoming tourist mass in summer time, while in winter there are only the local dwellers and the island falls in a great silence. Fishing represented one of the most ancient and practised economic sources: anchovies and sardines in the Mediterranean, lobsters and crabs in this section of the Atlantic Ocean. Pine trees on my island and huge red woods here. The landscape is different, but when I go to the marvellous Sand Beach, I feel to be at Cannelle beach in Giglio, where I use to go in winter, rather than in summer when it is crowded, to translate in words my emotions on a piece of paper.
I am a chef. When I come to Mount Desert I put into my dishes my style of Italian islander, using the ingredients I find here. My cuisine is always a “fusion”. And I like “fusion”, which, to my soul, means combine together all the good that there is in the world. Not only in the cuisine field.

Olive Oil, white wine, lobster, blue berries and maple syrup. How to mix  without mess?
Let’s see: we have three typical Maine ingredients and only two from Tuscany. I’ll fix this lack adding the brutality of Tuscan style as third basic ingredient. All the other ingredients are widespread all over the world, although with different shades, included passion in making, mouth watering in seeing, satisfaction in eating.


Ingredients, serves 2:
1 lobster, medium size
80 gr ( 2 ½ Oz ) blueberries
40 gr ( 1 ½ Oz) Extra Virgin Olive Oil
50 ml ( 3tbs ) dry white wine
1 (good) splash of (good) Brandy
1 tbs maple syrup
1 garlic clove
1 bay leaf
salt to taste

Cut in half, length - wise the alive lobster, paying attention to insert the point of the knife between the eyes, to hit the brains, so that the animal would die immediately without suffering.
Gather all the juices coming out . Eliminate the black thread.

In a large skillet brown the crushed garlic clove in the olive oil along with the bay leaf and the hot chilli pepper.
Take out the brown garlic, bay leaf and pepper from the pan. Add the two halves of lobster, meat down first. Put a lid on the pan. Cook 3 minutes at medium heat then turn the lobster on the other side. Cook 3 minutes.

Splash the sauce with the brandy and fire it.
Take the lobster off the pan. Remove the pan from heat.
Take off the shell and keep the pulp warm. The pulp, after the searing, should be white and firm outside, but still juicy and tender inside.
Put the shell and head back into the pan, together with the reserved raw juices. Cook on low heat until the juices thicken and the shell changes completely colour. Take out the shell and head.

Pour in the wine and let it evaporate.
Add almost all the berries, leaving some for garnish.
Add the maple syrup. Pour in a little hot water if needed. Cook to reduce. Salt to taste. Blend the mixture with a hand – mixer then filter it through a chinois, to obtain a smooth running sauce. Put back on the heat if it need to reduce further.
Cut the lobster tail and serve with the sauce on top and some berries as garnish.
Good side dishes are baked small potatoes and braised zucchini. 

emotional and ...yummy!