Monday, November 30, 2015

We Do Not Watch the Wheels Go Round and Round.......

...................we make then roll!

......and ...

...Rock 'Roll!!!

It's another form of meditation...

"Watching The Wheels"

People say I'm crazy doing what I'm doing,
Well they give me all kinds of warnings to save me from ruin,
When I say that I'm o.k. they look at me kind of strange,
Surely your not happy now you no longer play the game,

People say I'm lazy dreaming my life away,
Well they give me all kinds of advice designed to enlighten me,
When I tell that I'm doing Fine watching shadows on the wall,
Don't you miss the big time boy you're no longer on the ball?

I'm just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round,
I really love to watch them roll,
No longer riding on the merry-go-round,
I just had to let it go,

People asking questions lost in confusion,
Well I tell them there's no problem,
Only solutions,
Well they shake their heads and they look at me as if I've lost my mind,
I tell them there's no hurry...
I'm just sitting here doing time,

I'm just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round,
I really love to watch them roll,
No longer riding on the merry-go-round,
I just had to let it go.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Third lesson of Pastry and Bakery....

... Takes place on December 2nd at 6:00 pm

The topic is: Risen dough

The first lesson is visible at:

The second lesson is visible at:

The whole schedule is visible at:

Breads and Pizzas of Italy, 10 days course

An intensive course of 10  lessons ( 2 weeks)  to learn how to make bread(s)
The theory starts with the flours , their characteristics and their properties. The aim is to understand the proper flour for each texture of bread.
The student are involved hands on.

Each bread is then paired with the right foods during the tasting. 

see also:

Friday, November 27, 2015



While one hand is rolling hard the crank, coordinating the other one to welcome the layer of pasta gently, pulling it out and up.

Take some noodles with the ribs of a big fork, lift them up, out of the "mass"; place the fork on a big spoon, start to spin.....

................ coordinating your movements to form a gracious nest.

Use "coordinated" senses: listen to the noise of the mirepoix frying in a pan, while  smelling if the wine has evaporated in another pan, while "instintively" measuring the right amount of salt and sprinking it in another pan, while watching if the cake is growing .. or burning in the oven, while tasting a sauce and thinking about the next step.....

Choose and "coordinate" the lines of color, assembling a fruit tart.

Push the dough, paying attention to not let it go out from top of the pastry bag, calibrate the strenght, to make chox of the same size and, eventually, coordinate the other hand to hold the baking paper when you pull up the pastry tip.

Use the hand like a sculptor, pointing the fillet knife into the fish and moving the joint of the wrist with a coordinate and harmonic motion... almost  a dance..

Use the hand like a lever, pressing the thumb on the potato (or apple or anything else you have to peel) and wasting the less as possible. (see: )

Cooking is using the common (good) sense .....

.............. and find a coordination with the others in the kitchen, ...

......... without yelling or launching knives. 

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Profumo di Pane

Il corso di pane prosegue, tra tecnica, temperature, bilance e ... magia.

La "madre" è matura....

....  viene usata anche per fare una focaccia che è soffice, ariosa, leggera come una piuma.

E poi c'è un girasole..grande e pieno di semi...

...i grissini croccanti.

Dieci lezioni per un corso di pane intenso e piacevole al tempo stesso.
contattateci a:

.....................................sentite il profumo?

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Second Lesson of the Pastry & Bakery course on Tuesday December 1st, at 6:00

The main topic is   WHIPPED BUTTER METHOD

Below you see that cakes that will be done:

Frangipane with Pears


Pound Cake

Whipped shortbread

for information and reservations, contact:

Monday, November 23, 2015

da MARCOVALDO di Italo Calvino, 1963

Dove è più azzurro il fiume

Era un tempo in cui i più semplici cibi racchiudevano minacce, insidie e frodi.
Non c'era giorno in cui qualche giornale non parlasse di scoperte spaventose nella spesa del mercato: formaggio che era fatto di materia plastica, il burro con le candele steariche, nella frutta e verdura l'arsenico degli insetticidi era concentrato in percentuali più forti che non le vitamine, i polli per ingrassarli li imbottivano di certe pillole sintetiche che potevano trasformare in pollo chi ne mangiava un cosciotto. Il pesce fresco era stato pescato l'anno scorso in Islanda e gli truccavano gli occhi perché sembrasse ieri. Da certe bottiglie di latte era saltato fuori un sorcio, non si sa se vivo o morto. Da quelle dell'olio non colava il succo dorato dell'oliva, ma grasso di vecchi muli, opportunamente distillato.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Open Class Tuesday November 24th at 6:00 pm

The Food of the Seasons: Under Christmas

Stuffed Artichokes


Polenta Taragna (with buckwheat)


Open Class on Monday November 23rd at 6:00 pm


Pork Confit in orange sauce

Wild boar in Salmì

Hare with Blackberry sauce


The MAGIC of the BREAD at GiglioCooking

Can you smell the scent...

... of the Pane Toscano just out of the oven?

Can you taste how a slice of fresh salty bread gets married with Robiola ?

Can you enjoy the natural and crispy fragance of these Freselle with cherry tomatoes?

Can you feel the crispiness of the Ciabatta?

... and the perfect texture of the Biova?

... Pure pleasure of the pallate and the spirit.....
Happiness and satisfaction: no any other "cooking" gives you more emotion than making bread.

Come and discover the Breads and Pizza of Italy at GiglioCooking.

And, take note: the teacher is Giovanni Stecca!!!!!!