Hello to everyone! I am a new blogger, so I might need help in this.....

Above all: THANK YOU to all ones follow me here. To you all, my warmest wishes for a lovely Christmas Season and for a New Year full of your  "dreams come true".
One of my dream is happening now.
GiglioCooking started in Florence two years ago, October 2009.
It has been a kind of jump in the dark: we were in the middle in one of the worst economic crisis of the century, I had not done advertising as I was working in a culinary institute... brrrrr.... nightmare....
Now GiglioCooking is working smoothly and it is  putting the bases for next step: Giglio Island.
Are you going to help me in my enterprise?


  1. Ciao Marcella.....
    mia unica insegnante....
    un abbraccio

  2. ciao Marcella
    ti seguo qui :)
    Abbraccione e buone feste!
    A presto!


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