A nice family from Australia made a difficult puff pastry yesterday at GiglioCooking. All the beautiful children were working around the marble table making doughs: it was a big day, as they made also ravioli of fresh pasta and potato gnocchi.

Mother Julie, Father Gavin and kids: Blake, Bridget, Milly and Angus, made delicious Cannoli alla Crema:



The puff pastry is constituted by several layers of dough, alternated with layers of fat ( butter, better if clarified) that keep the layers of dough separated from each other. It is considered one of the most difficult doughs. Actually it is made by two doughs: one containing more flur, the other one containing more butter.
They must be both stretched in a square shape, the buttery one slightly smaller. Then the buttery dough must be placed upon the floury dough, diagonally, so that pulling the corners of the floury dough over the buttery dough, they joint in the centre. At this point the "envelope" must be rolled with the rolling pin, making a rectangle, which must be folded. Let the dough rest in the refrigerator for ten minutes, before repeating the folding. This last operation must be done six times, any time taking the dough out from the refrigerator then putting it in again.

Below the ingredients and the proportions of the two doughs:
Floury dough:

200 gr 00 flour
40 gr butter
about 80 ml water
10 ml wine vinegar
4 gr salt

Soften the butter, then knead it with the other ingredients to get a smooth dough. Wrap in the plastic film and refrigerate for about 20 minutes before starting the puff pastry

Buttery dough:

200 gr butter
40 gr flour

Soften the butter, mix it quickly with the flour. Wrap in the plastic film and refrigerate before starting the puff pastry.

500 ml whole milk
5 egg yolks
100 gr sugar
50 gr flour

 Heat milk with vanilla. Add half of the sugar and let if melt.
Beat the egg yolks with the half of the sugar and the flour
Temper the egg batter with a few spoons of hot milk.
Pour into the egg batter into the milk on the burner whisking.
Bring  to simmer and turn off.


  1. I miss Giglio and you Marcella... I can imagine the good food this family had savor after the hard work---such a good food!


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