lovely family

Andy, Shawn and their beautful kids made Traditional Tortellini in broth.


Ingredients for 8:
For the dough:
4 eggs
400 gr flour
For the stuffing:
150 gr lean pork meat
100 gr chicken meat
1 small onion
½ glass white wine
50 gr Mortadella
50 gr Prosciutto crudo
1 egg
grated Parmesan cheese
pepper, nutmeg
butter, olive oil, sage
For the meat broth:
Celery, carrot, onion, tomato, potato
½ hen
500 gr beef meat
4 liters water

For the broth: Put all the ingredients in a big pot of water. Bring to a fast boil, then lower the heat, salt, and simmer for at least 2 hours. Strain.
For the dough: make a well with the flour, break the eggs inside and add a pinch of salt. Start to knead until you get a smooth, not sticky dough. Wrap it in plastic film and let it set for ½ hour before rolling it.
For the stuffing: brown the lean pork and the chicken meat in the butter, olive oil with chopped onion and sage. Add wine and let it to reduce. Mix together in a blender with the mortadella and prosciutto. Put the mixture in a bowl and add the egg, the Parmesan cheese, pepper and nutmeg.

Roll the dough and cut into small squares. In the middle, put a small ball of stuffing and fold into a triangle. Fold the upper edge and turn the other two edges around your finger and press them one over the other to fix. Cook the tortellini in boiling broth. Serve with grated Parmesan cheese.