I have many privileges in my work. One of them is meeting many people from any part of the world, of any religion, any age, attitude…. and interact with them. The last years it seems I have developed an unusual capability (or, at least, it seems to me…): guessing the name of the students I find in front of me in class the very first day just by seeing their face. A kind of “witch” prediction. It seemed to work in that way. My presumption made me to think that I would be able to do also the contrary: that is: guessing the face by knowing the name.
Thus, when I received the email from Anita M. I was sure I was dealing with a lady from India. Especially the surname made me thinking this.
When I saw the group out of the glass door of GiglioCooking looking for the bell to ring; I went toward the door searching from an Indian looking lady. Instead in front of me there was a tall, blond, blue eyes, Dutch looking lady who said:
-    …Marcella..? very pleased to meet you, I am Anita! –
Yes, because Anita M. is of Dutch origin. Actually: full western origin with not a drop of Asian blood in the veins.

this is Anita
While we were making pasta, Sue’s – my friend Sue from California – words came to my mind as a teaching:
-    Never make assumption. One of the four rules of wise living… -
Ok Sue, hopefully I have learnt the lesson……

this is Jennifer
 and these are Stella an Hannah

They were on a “family girls trip”. From Charlotte, North Carolina, one of the “elective” places of my life.

They made “something Italian” that I think not even 1% of the Italians know: the Alfredo sauce.

Thank you for coming to GiglioCooking, girls!