… another of the four rules of “wise” living my friend Sue reminds to me any time she sees I am upset. Very different from the one she says when she reproaches me “do not make assumptions!”
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Regarding the rule  “do not take it personally”, I have to tell you a real fact, happened the last summer and  the “sweet nightmare” I made some days ago.
Last summer I was working – Thank God! – very hard, giving three classes every day seven days a week. This happened also because GiglioCooking has been  number one attraction in Florence on TripAdvisor for several months – Thank to my clients/students/friends ! -.
Any time I give a class, I toast with my guests at the end and I sit at the table, having a meal or just having a few samples of food. More often last year it happened that I had a few bytes, without eating the whole meal, as with three Italian style meal every day, rather  than fat, today I would be sick!
One of these times, my guests were disappointed and they wrote a bizarre review that sounded about like this: the food was great but the whole experience was disappointing because the chef did not eat. 
This review made so GiglioCooking went down one place in the classification. Which is still an acceptable place to be.

The “sweet nightmare” was worse.
The phrase “the food was great but the chef did not eat” took a completely different meaning. In the reality of the dream the phrase took this meaning: the food was as good as we could not leave any byte to the chef as we could not resist to finish it!
What happened in the dream was that the chef, myself,  after days, weeks, months without eating because the food was “too good to be left to me”, was starving and – this is one of the sweet parts of the nightmare – becoming slimmer and nicer.
The other sweet part of the nightmare is that the rule taught by Sue became even truer: do not take it personally, girl!


  1. Ah, but we should give credit where credit is due... to Miquel Ruiz, who wrote the marvelous book The Four Agreements, from which I have taken as one of the best guides to happiness ever written.


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