It happened to me many years ago: I was betrayed by..… myself, as I trusted a child voice.
 I should have known, as the child voice belonged to an adult woman. Not only the voice, but the lullaby, tone at the end of the phrases…. a sound like: gni gni gni, gna gna gna, chi chi chi, cha cha cha…. This woman was “playing with me”, meaning: I let you think I like you, but I can deceive you any time. So she did.
Since then on, any time I have met a woman with the childish voice, automatically I have done a step behind. Doing well, as it turned  out most of the times. I congratulated  then with myself for the clever “step behind from them” many times.
I should have known also this time.
Childish voice on telephone, confirming  a cooking class for yesterday night, after an exchange of email to decide the menu. The call by her came from the telephone of the hotel where she stays, asking information on how to arrive to the school.
I decided to ignore the bell that started to ring in my ears on the notes of the  joyful but still whining tone of her voice.
No, it cannot be. I cannot dare to make a rule of this…. I thought.
-    Ok – I said – I will be waiting for  you tomorrow at 6 pm. Thank you! –
-    Oh, yes! How great! –
Tina  did not show up.
I have done shopping for this class, I went to take the recipes at the printer shop, I put myself in the “wait” situation, that is that kind of thing when you do not start anything as you know you would have to stop… I finished my other lesson at 1,30… if I knew, I had gone to the park, taking some fresh air, as I have never time for myself…
This is a not fair resolution, I know… as we say in Italy “ you cannot do one bunch of all the grass”…  but , I promise, I will keep far from childish voices…. Unless they belong to real children.


  1. It's so rude and insensitive for people to just not show up for a class. Do they not even think that you have spent time and money on their individual lesson? All the more reason to take deposits in advance and charge them if they are no-shows. Restaurants do it and they haven't gone to half the expense or trouble that you have.

    Even if your intuition told you she was not reliable, you still had to show up because you are a professional. You don't have that choice.

    1. Thank you for this comment. I will be more cautious. Grazie

  2. It happened again: another cheerish childish voice... she did not show up yesterday, wednesday.... there is something wrogn with me, trusting childish voices.... i have to make a strict resolution, otherwise my life would not change... the world neither..


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