"I am allegro la ragazza (funny girl) - would love to make the Sfogietelle ..",  it is what Rita wrote to me.
Well.. i answered... they are not on the list... as they take two days.. but... we can try.

She took a few days to think about, then she decided some some other "wonderful rimedios".

.. mispelling the italian word for "recipe", she actually defined the foods as "remedies", which is a  proper way to define food! food is a remedy!!!

One of the remedies was to put her husband Steve to stir the chocolate.

Another remedy was to stretch pasta and form tortellini.

But the best "remedio" Rita had got on her head...

 ... as she went to the hair stylist and got a "SFOGLIATELLE HAIR CUT"!

Finally! Steve and Rita with a nice smile and .. open eyes!!!