The project GiglioCooking was born because of  the passion and the love for a rich and complex land like Italy, which I feel to belong to, with respect and gratitude. I was born on an island and I have learnt the secrets of the restaurant industry since a child, as a helper in the family restaurant and then running one of my own. Just the passion can support  the work of a woman entrepreneur in a marvelous, but difficult country like this one. The dedication to the quality of the food and to the Mediterranean culture is the other push, because when we talk about food we do not mean only to feed the body, but the senses, the Soul, the Spirit and intellect as well, besides the sense of familiarity of the people around a table.
From here, the idea to open in Florence a school that would correspond to me, reflecting my personality and my intentions. It has been a difficult and strengthening journey, made in loneliness as I was not disposed to renounce quality for quantity. Also for this it has not been easy to bear the economic commitments and to find collaborators who could be integral part of the school.
Finally, after years of research and selection, I am ready to present a group of “journey companions” I chose not just for their competences, but also for their experience and professional capability conquered “on the field”, in the practice of life and, overall, for their human qualities.  I consider these qualities  the real mean of communication and sharing of the richness that gather people, anywhere on the planet, around a lavish table, symbol of feeding and brotherhood.
The Little School is growing: my thanks to Isabella, Giovanni, Annalisa, Antonella, with the wish that ours would be - even if minimum - a contribution to raising of economy and to the personal and social evolution.