This Special Program  is  thought for who likes to discover an authentic wedge of Tuscany far from the very tourist destinations.
This week includes two cooking lessons in Florence, in the Giglio Itinerary Cooking School and  three days trip to Isola del Giglio, in a spectacular House-farm climbing on rocky walls from the sea.
The cooking classes in Florence are performed at the return from the island. The trip lasts from Monday to Thursday  morning.
During the classes in Florence, students will cook together, enjoy then the meal gathered around a table and discuss about the experience. The total experience takes place from Sunday to Saturday.

The Farm House is located in the southern coast of Isola del Giglio, in the Natural Park of the Tuscan Archipelago. The place can be reached exclusively by boat or through a path in the Mediterranean woods once run by peasants and donkeys. The Farm House is nowadays a modern hotel and welcomes the guests warmly, offering foods coming from their organic cultivations and farming.
During the staying, the guests will be involved in cheese making and other farming activities.
The trip offers the occasion to go deeper into the “understanding” of the multiple Italian cultures: the small islands are places rich of history, traditions, folklore where the populations have had to fight against isolation – and pirates -  developing their own way of living, fishing, cultivating.

During the permanence on the island, it is possible to take courses of “meditation” scuba diving,  a sport fishing trip, a natural and cultural excursion with a guide; wine and grapes harvest lessons; olive tree cultivation and olive oil making, depending on season (all these are optional and not included in the price).

At Isola del Giglio there are three main town: Castello, a medieval village circled  by walls on top of the hill; Porto, which first settlements are of Roman origin; Campese, a large beach on the west side with a sighing tower. There are sandy beaches and wonderful smooth rocks. The water has been declared – again - in 2008 the cleanest of the Mediterranean by the Goletta Verde (Green Vessel). 

contact: info@gigliocooking.com