It is unusual such a behavior by teenager boys: they like to eat, over all. These ones, Alex, Josh and Noa, prepared the entire dinner for the whole family. And, I have to say, it was a "kind" of dinner!

Ravioli of fresh pasta with Artichoke filling
Veal Escalopes with Marsala
Veal Rolls with asparagus
Stewed fresh Peas and Fava beans  as side dish
Two different Ricotta cakes

Thank you for for cooking for us all, Boys!


For the pastry:

270 gr ( 9 Oz) flour 00
30 gr ( 1 Oz) starch
2 egg yolks
200 gr ( 7 Oz) butter
100 gr ( 3 Oz) sugar
3 gr salt
Vanilla flavor

Soften the butter, knead all the ingredients quickly. Let the pastry to rest in the refrigerator for half hour before rolling it and shaping for the cake. Bake the crust alone for 10 minutes. Then add the filling and finish the cooking in the oven.

For the stuffing:

500 gr ( 1.1 Lb) ricotta
100 gr ( 3 oz) sugar
100 gr ( 3 oz) dark chocolate, chopped
1 grated orange zest
2 eggs, separated
a little liqueur (optional)

Mix well the ricotta with the sugar, until soft and creamy. Add the egg yolk. Mix before adding the chopped chocolate and the grated orange zest. Optionally you can flavour it with a little orange liqueur, like Coiintreaux. Beat up the egg whites until stiff, and add to the batter with care.