I do not eat Tiramisù. I wont be snobby: the fact is that I have been making Tiramisù so much that..... as well as all things that you cook a lot, at the certain point you stop to eat. And I stopped to eat Tiramisù several years ago.
Recently - thank to the Universe - I have been working a lot - twelve days in a row, 12 to 15 hours every day - and this morning I felt really tired: muscles aching, arms and shoulder pulling me down...
I decided - I was feeling like it -   to have some Tiramisù at the end of the class with two nice ladies from Great Britain.
And... you know what? I feel good and energetic.
Thus: Tiramisù means what it does. It works, I swear.

Ingredients for 4-6:
250 gr ( 8 Oz) Mascarpone cheese
3 eggs
100 gr ( 3 oz) sugar
Plus 45 gr ( 1 ½ oz) sugar
250 ml ( 1 cup) strong Italian coffee (better from an Italian coffee pot)
1 tbs Rhum
16 Savoiardi ( Lady’s fingers) or 30 Pavesini
1 tbs cocoa powder

In a bowl whip up the egg white with a pinch of salt until firm. Mean while make a syrup with 60 gr of sugar (2 oz) and same weigh of water and bring it to 140° c ( 284 F) and pour it still hot in the egg whites while beating.

In a double boiler beat the egg yolks with the remaining sugar until fluffy. Add the Rhum and bring to 75° c ( 167 F). Pour the “zabaione” immediately in a cold bowl.
When it is cold, add the Mascarpone and mix well. Fold the egg whites into the cream.

Dip the biscuits into the coffee and place them side by side on the bottom of a rectangular serving dish. Pour half of the cream over the biscuits and make a second layer of biscuits, dipped in the coffee. Cover the top with the left cream.

Sprinkle the cocoa on top of the Tiramisù and refrigerate at least one hour before serving.