the Monthly course Italian Cuisine thorugh Time and Space is starting on:

June the 2nd 

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The schedule:

Lesson 1 – June 2nd   – 14 :00/17:30
PASTA 1 : DRY AND FRESH PASTA. Different flours. Basic recipes of simple pasta with semolina (tagliatelle, tagliolini, taglierini garganelli, orecchiette emiliane, sfrappole); pasta with mixtures of 00 flour and semolina; orecchiette pugliesi .
Lecture: The history of pasta: legend and truth

 Lesson 2 –– June 3rd 9:30/13:00

BASIC PREPARATIONS  The pre-preparation in the kitchen: broths, stocks, consommè and bisque. Lecture: Sauces and stocks: tradition and innovation
Lecture: How many tomato sauces exist?
Lecture: Caramel and syrup
Tale: Tuscany meets Main
Tale : Tuscany meets Maine

Lesson 3 – June 4th   9:30/13:00

MEAT 1 : traditional searing and roasting and low cooking. Traditional nonna’s style low cooking and post modern rare-ness. Recipes: Abbacchio alla Romana; Pullus fusillis; Vitellina fricta.
Lecture: the Italian diversities

Lesson 4 –  June 5th  – 14 :00/17:30

PASTA 2 : STUFFED PASTA. Ravioli, tortellini, agnolotti. Folding of pasta, stuffing, presentation from traditional to modern style.  Ravioli stuffed with broth gelatine.

Lesson 5 –– June 6th  - 9:30 / 13:00

FISH 1 :  Practise: how to fillet the fish. Recipes:  Raw fish, Tuna fish Sicilian style; Sword fish with citrus sauce and celery soufflé; Sea bream with artichokes;   Molluscs  soup.
Lecture: What characterize my cuisine
Tale: The molluscs soup

Lesson 6 – June 9th   – 9:30/13:00

PASTA 3 : PASTA MADE WITH DIFFERENT FLOURS. The use of buck wheat, hazelnut, beans purees, kamut, Recipes: traditional Pasta and fagioli; Marcella’s Pasta and Fagioli;

 Lesson 7 – June 10th 9:30/13:00

        VEGETABLE 1 : the vegetables on the Italian table. Seasonality and nutritional value.

Recipes: Classic Melanzane alla Parmigiana and modern variations; Eggplant mousse in chocolate bomb;  Minestrone; Delicate lentils soup.
Lecture: Vegetables
Tale: Just done

Lesson 8 – June 11th – 9:30/13:00

FISH 2 - PRESERVED COD FISH, Baccalà and Stoccafisso, from traditional recipes to foams. Anchovies and sardines: from Roman Garum to modern finger foods.

        Lesson 9 –June 12th – 9:30/13:00

PASTA 4 : COLOURED PASTA, with vegetables.  Pasta with soy lecitine. Recipes: Green handkerchiefs with asparagus and scampis; Black taglioni with white squid; Coffee tagliatelle with artichokes; Red tagliolini with zucchini and smoked cheese

        Lesson 10 – June 13th – 9:30/13:00

GNOCCHI : Recipes: potato gnocchi ; fuchsia with beet roos; chestnut gnocchi. Spinach dumplings; Parisienne.
Lecture : food and words
Lecture: Gnocchi

        Lesson 11 – June 17th (Tuesday)– 9:30/13:00

DESSERT 1 :  traditional Cantuccini and variation on it. Lecitine cookies. Savillum and other combinations of cheese and honey

        Lesson 12 – June 18th – 9:30/13:00

          VEGETABLES 2 :  More cold sauces; Dry pasta with vegetables – Artichoke flan; Fried zucchini.


    Lesson 13 – June 19th– 9:30/13:00

MEAT 2 : low cooking - confit, game. Recipes: Carne ‘ncartata.; Hare with blueberries and chestnuts. Wild boar , Salmì and Civet.
Lecture : Ex-ducere.

Lesson 14 – June 20th – 9:30/13:00

Lecture : the words in the kitchen
OFFALS : chicken liver ; tripe, pork liver, brains. Pan brioche: making bread.

        Lesson 15 – June 21st (Saturday)   – 9:30/13:00 (?)

ICE CREAM  :The technique: Ice cream and Sorbets. Parmigiano ice cream for appetizer

Lesson 16 – June 23rd   – 9:30/13:00

             SWEET AND SOUR TRADITION 1 : Caponata, Pork with liquorice.

Tale:Tuscany meets Maine 2 (Recipe: Lobster with blueberries) 

        Lesson 17 – June 24th9:30/13:00

Preparation of a feast Italian meal with four courses: Ravioli with cheese and pears; Ida’s veal rolls; Peas Florentine style; Glazed fruit.


        Lesson 18 – June 2th – 9:30/13:00

DESSERT 2 :  Chocolate. Two versions of salted chocolate mousse; Chocolate mousse, raspberry garnish.
Lecture: Fancy sugar.

        Lesson 19 – June 26th –9:30/13:00

SWEET AND SOUR TRADITION 2: Renaissance duck breast in orange sauce; stuffed pigeon; Guinea fowl with grapes. Sarde in saor.

        Lesson 20 – June 27th 2:00/05:30 pm

Lecture: Standardization and individualism : case or necessity ?

Class open to students’ ideas and requests.
Finger food

At the end of every class, students and teacher will taste preparations and  analyse procedures, flavours, Italian sense of taste.