photo by Lindsey Haddock
A great sharing experience with Jessica, Kelley, Ashley, Lindsey; Charity, Melissa, Brian (the Boy), Geraldine, Amber, Erin, Laura, Sarah & Sarah, Lesli, Kalana, Heaven..

The special program started with the visit at the Central Market,

where they had the very first approach to Italian food with tasting of some typical products....

... and where they started to understand the Italian way of buying fresh "whole" foods, preferebly not "plastic packaged". 

The cooking class was on Tuscan recipes:

Ribollita, the Florentine soup, was the first course

Work in progress...

Girls in action

Stewed Beef in wine and Sweet and Sour Onions, the second course


The photos above are by Charity Lee Wright

The second day they started to "dig" deeper into Italian life in small towns with the trip to San Gimignano. The photos below have been made by Heaven O' hara fromthe highest tower:


The photos of San Gimignano are by Heaven O' Hara

As the days were passing by, everybody improved their feeling of comfort with this far foregneir Country. They walked through medieval halleys and ate foods with centuries of history.

Monday was the day of Wine tastings in Montepulciano: everybody got .... happier

this is Sarah Mell


The last day at GiglioCooking they took a Pasta Workshop.

     make a well with the semolina.....                                   ...beat the egg in the middle....

Photos by Kelley Chaloux


                                                                     ...and this is Kelley

The result..

photo by Lindsey Haddock