A Masterpiece carved in a block of granite rock,

visible at the right border of a left curve, driving toward the Punta del Fenaio in Giglio Island.

Sitting on a piece of History of Survival and imagining that..

... the original whole construction must have been like this one.

This is a "Capannello" or "Palmento", typical ancient construction of Giglio Island and found only there. They still point the slopes of the hills, the vineyards, the downhill terraced fields. They are usually one room, sometimes two rooms buildings with an arched roof. They had different uses: storage room for the tools; shelter for the phaesant whose field was too far from the village to be back every day; wine factory, as the grapes were pressed directly in the granite basin, which was provided of a hole at the botton to let the liquid to flow at the end of fermentation. 

Besides my thoughs of ancient activities buzing in my head and my emotion to be here - again - , there was an inebriant scent of resin, the view of a silver  sea below, the zig-zag-ing of a fluorescent blue - rare - dragonfly. .... just Nothing...