On Special Request: the recipe of Agnolotti (and their shape)


For the filling:
250 gr "brasato" (beef stewed in wine)
100 gr roast pork
50 gr ham
50 gr veal brains
1 lettuce
30 gr butter
1 egg
4 spoons grated Parmesan cheese
rosemary, nut meg, salt
For the pasta:
300 gr flour
3 eggs
For the dressing:
1 liter meat broth to boil the agnolotti
70 gr melted butter
some fresh sage leaves
4 spoons grated Parmesan
optional, thin slices of white truffle from Alba

Wash, blanch the lettuce. Drain, dry and mince it finely. Then sautè it with butter, rosemary on low heat.
Boil the veal brains, peel and them mince it (through the meat grinder) with the ham and all the other meats. Add the lettuce, the Parmesan, the egg, salt and pepper and mix well.
Make the fresh pasta; let it to rest then roll it up in order to form two large layers.
Place on one layer little balls of filling; then cover with the other layer. Press around the filling, to stick the pasta. Cut the agnolotti with a teeth-ed wheel.
Cook the agnolotti in boiling meat broth, drain them then season with butter melted with sage and sprinkle with Parmigiano Reggiano

The Agnolotti are commonly served also with truffle.