The Weird Mysterious Nature of the Squid

yesterday Mercy learnt how to clean the sepia, extract the bag of the ink and ulilize it to make a pasta dough. The method is visible at:

She noticed that, like a bird, the sepia is provided of a beak and wings

She sensed the dough like ....

.... an un-forgiving tar.

The dough came out perfectly stretched...

... and nicely cut.  Ready to become:


Ingredients for 4:

1 cuttle fish of about 800 grs
olive oil, garlic, parsley, white wine

2 eggs
250 grs durum wheat flour

Clean the cuttle fish, paying attention to not break the ink pocket. To avoid this, cut it with the scissors along a side, because the ink pocket is in the middle. Take off the viscera, the eyes, the big white bone. You may take off also the skin, which can make the flesh taugher, but if you leave it on, the cuttle fish will get pink during the cooking and the guests might appreciate the coupling of colours. Keep the ink pocket apart; rinse the flesh (body and tentacles) and cut it in small cubes.
Make a black pasta dough: put the flour on the table in a ring shape and break the eggs inside. Sprinkle a pinch of salt; put inside the ink pocket. Start to beat up the eggs, breaking the ink pocket with the fork points. Pick a bit of flour at a time. Then knead with the fingers and the palm. Let it to rest.
Brown chopped garlic in olive oil; add the cuttle fish cubes and cook some minutes. Wet with a good glass of white wine and let it to evaporate. Add some chopped parsley and salt.
Stretch the black dough with the pasta machine many times, until the thinnest step. Then cut the “tagliolini”. Bring a pot of water to boiling temperature and salt. Cook the tagliolini. The fresh pasta takes a very short time to cook: they will be ready when they came on the surface. Drain, leaving them a little watery and toss in a large frying pan with the cuttle fish sauce.