Next week, starting on September 8th, a series of Open Classes at GiglioCooking

September 8th  – 9:30/13:00 Lesson 6 –monthly course
PASTA 3 : PASTA MADE WITH DIFFERENT FLOURS. The use of buck wheat, hazelnut, beans purees, Recipes: traditional Pasta and fagioli; Marcella’s Pasta and Fagioli.

September 9th – 9:30/13:00         Lesson 7 – monthly course
  VEGETABLE 1 : the vegetables on the Italian table. Seasonality and nutritional value.
Recipes: Classic Melanzane alla Parmigiana and modern variations; Eggplant mousse  and chocolate ganache ;  Minestrone; Delicate lentils soup.

September 9 At 06:00 Pm : week 2 trimester program
Lesson 2 Chef Marcella
Basic Preparations

September 10th – 9:30/13:00 Lesson 8 – monthly course
FISH 2 - PRESERVED COD FISH, Baccalà and Stoccafisso, from traditional recipes to foams. Anchovies and sardines: from Roman Garum to modern finger foods

September 10 AT 02:30 PM : week 2 trimester program
Water Sangria
Finger foods: Figs, walnuts, Provolone cheese
Soles with pear sauce
Fig and vanilla ice cream with honey

September 11th – 9:30/13:00 Lesson 9 – monthly course
PASTA 4 : COLOURED PASTA, with vegetables.  Pasta with soy lecitine. Recipes: Green handkerchiefs with asparagus and scampis; Black taglioni with white squid; Coffee tagliatelle with artichokes; Red tagliolini with zucchini and smoked cheese

September  11 AT 06:00 PM 2 -  week 2 trimester program
Pici Col Ragu Di Salsiccia Di Cinta, Ricciarelli, Tortelli Di Patate

September 12th– 9:30/13:00 Lesson 10 – monthly course
GNOCCHI : Recipes: potato gnocchi ; fuchsia with beet roos; chestnut gnocchi. Spinach dumplings; Parisienne.

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