a Fig Tree Under the Tuscan Sun

a branch with ripe fruits

my basket under the picking

As, when in season, someone cal fill tens of baskets from a single tree, this is a way to preserve them and have them ... at Christmas!

Fichi caramellati
Caramelized Figs


1 kg (2.2 lbs) fresh figs (the variety and quality of figs is very important: small, black and sweet are the most suitable for this recipe)

300 gr (10 oz) sugar
120 ml (½ cup) red wine
the zest of one lemon
1 cinnamon stick

Wash the figs, take off the small stalk, without peeling them.
Melt half of the sugar in the wine on medium heat.
Pour the wine and sugar mixture in a baking dish, large enough to contain the figs in one layer. Place the figs in, standing up.
Sprinkle the remaining sugar, the lemon zest (best if grated) and the cinnamon on top.

Cook in the oven at a moderate temperature (150°C/300°F) for about 3 hours.

If you want to preserve them for longer time, fill glass jars, close them with hermetic caps. Boil the jars until they make the vacuum (they "click").

This is the final result: they have an appealing brown caramel color.