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GiglioCooking & Giovanni Stecca are pleased to present:


5 Weeks course deep on traditional italian pastries

Although Italy is a small country, traveling it through can reveal very deep differences among the regions, due to variations of ground morphology that determined particular ingredients avalaibility, besides to neighbour countries influences.

This  course offers you an overview on italian traditional pastries, pointing pout to the differences among ingredients and techniques developed in the ancient art of making pastry in order to celebrate special occasions such as Christmas, Easter or just simply to make use of a wide offer of genuine ingredients.

For bookings and information
telefono: 055 614  5914

From North to South, from West to East and the islands, we planned 5 classes related to 5 macro-regions, one for each week:

 November 22th: NORTH-WEST
Val d'Aosta: Torcetti di Saint-Vincent
Piemonte: I Gianduiotti
Liguria: Canestrelli
Lombardia: Torta sbrisolona

November 29th: NORTH-EAST
Friuli-Venezia Giulia: Presnitz triestino
Trentino Alto-Adige: Strudel
Veneto: Pinxa
Emilia Romagna: Torta degli addobbi

December 6th: CENTER
Marche: Cicerchiata
Toscana: Buccellato di Lucca
Umbria: Rocciata umbra
Lazio: Pan giallo

December 13th: SOUTH
Abruzzo: Parrozzo
Molise: Casciatielli
Campania: Pastiera
Puglia: Cartellate

December 20th:SOUTH & THE ISLANDS
Basiclicata: Bocconotti
Calabria: Pignolata
Sicilia: Cannoli
Sardegna: Sebadas

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