...That is: the Culinary Traditions of the World.

We should take back possession of the real "sense of taste", that part of the "lost" - or better, forgotten , or, even better, apparently non necessary  as we do not listen to it - instinct that would warn us whether a food is good or bad. I did not say "if you like it or if you do not". I said "good or bad", meaning good for the body, good for humanity, good for the earth.
During the lecture i was asked by a student:
- are you optimistic regarding  the future of the food?
I replied:
- I am terrified -

Where do I get my fears from?
Walking down the streets of towns in Europe and America, I see the same scene: old shops and stores, artisans, craft men shutting down and at there place I see an international chain shop.
Hard to find the shop of the socks, the shop of the artisanal shoes, the shop of the plumber.....
As well as it is hard to find a butcher, a baker, a "churcuterie", a dairy shop: just supermarkets.
We will end up wearing the same cloth and eating the same foods. Listening to same music. Saying the same words. Having the same "taste". Thinking the same thoughts (pushed on by and always more subdle advertising).
Which migt appear not completely bad, by the ethic point of view: it might be ethically correct to be all the same ( although I personally do not agree with this...). 
But... but: the planet is constituted by diversities. All the echosystem are  Engines of the Nature, with all the diverse forms of life interacting with one other in perfect circles. 
Who are we to decide that everything must be the same?
Who are we to decide that the landscapes cannot be market by the seasons, by the morphology and geology of the soil,  with the different bloomings and crops suitable for that place and not for another one? 
Who are we to decide that entire countries must be cultivated with one single crop that spoils the ground (and causes many other problems in the world...)?

 Imogene Lim, Professor of Anthroplogy at the Vancouver Island University

Homegenization is my fear. 
We cannot be resigned to fears. 
We need a reaction.
We can start our enterprise with food.
I believe we have a weapon, in case you want to fight this battle with me...... just to let you know: I am not alone in this battle and not the first one: there is already an army of prepared and honest people. 
No any other war is as fun as this one.
Do not follow the stream: go out and take knowledge of the real world around you. Take your car and start to drive at random, discover what there is out of town. You will find a ranch, a farm, an orchard. We have the gift of the word. Use it to ask what they produce, and how, what are their problems. Buy good food, train you sense of taste to the "good": the good for you palate, for you body and for the earth. Make a list of good places where to find "real food".
Do your part in increasing the demand for the "good". 
Increasing the demand, also the offer will increase: it is a basic rule of the market.
We will make the change... slowly slowly, as Prof Lim says. 
Start to be Slow: it is time to run if you want to win your Slow battle!


  1. With your cooking school, your blog, and your upcoming book, you are definitely part of the solution!

  2. With your cooking school, your upcoming book, and your blog, you are definitely part of the solution!

  3. Hi Marcella, it is great to see your post and a wonderful message within your blog. I too, happen to be nearby Vancouver currently, I am staying in the Sunshine Coast and am learning the craft of woodworking. My teacher is a master at work and he too, approaches his woodwork the way you would with your cooking - all about personal touches and the care for the environment.

    Anyway, I wish all is well with you, may we see each other again in the future.

    Henry (Canada)


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