I was risen surrounded by natural foods and instinctive cookers. My belief is that food is the beginning of any culture on earth, as it is the starter and the reason why each civilization developed in a certain way. I am a cook, before being a “chef”: someone who likes to elaborate the food in order to feed the body and the soul. Using organic, local, seasonal ingredients was  the main reason why my restaurant Le Tamerici in Isola del Giglio obtained mentions on all the restaurant guides in Italy. After being a cook,  I am also a chef, in the sense that I am able to plan, organize,  be on time.
Finally I am a teacher, being this the profession I have been doing the last fourteen years: students say I am good to transmit both the passion and techniques I have gathered by experience and studies.

A “food career” pursued step by step, first watching the women of the family, running the restaurant and studying at the Istituto Alberghiero, then teaching and writing recipes, never stopping, but searching every day new discoveries and culinary adventures. 

My philosophy of cooking is: we cook something to eat it. It seems obvious,  instead it seems that nowadays we have lost this primary vision of the cuisine.
It is true that we first eat with the eyes, but I believe that too much garnish and overlapping of decoration and carved food has not so much to do with the primary purpose of nourishment and conviviality. This does not mean that the dish is not presented in a nice way.
A dish must be simple, not easy. When I say that I mean: a few ingredients of high quality. Not easy: a cook must be able to choose both the variety and the quality.
Making a bruschetta could be more difficult than an hollandaise sauce or “molecular caviar”: the right bread : no salted, baked in a wooden fed oven, made with organic ender wheat flour, better if milled with a stone wheel….., slightly grilled – not baked!!!! - , no burnt, crispy outside, soft inside, ready to welcome the most suitable olive oil, which cannot be to light in colour and taste, not to spicy… just right. And the tomatoes: San Marzano or cherry tomatoes ripen on the plant, sweet and juicy. The final touch of salt and pepper, both freshly ground.

The place where you cook is airy, clean, spaced, illuminated, with the right utensils and tools. A table placed just near the kitchen to enjoy the food as soon as they are cooked.
Knowledge of ingredients – seasonality, varieties, quality -  and technique, but mostly a great passion for the true food is my philosophy.


GiglioCooking is open for everybody who loves food and cuisine.
The participants will not follow exclusively demonstrations, but they all will be involved hands on in the preparation of the food.  The food must be felt, heard, smelled, tasted: the food will talk to you.  GiglioCooking will take you through an unique culinary experience.
All together we will study tradition and we will open our imagination to create new recipes, always in the respect of Nature and Health.  GiglioCooking is ready to start a new culinary adventure and the participants will be the protagonists.

As you enter the school you will be embraced by a warm atmosphere of welcoming and you will feel immediately comfortable.
The essential furniture, the lights, the spaces, the colours will predict the expectation of exchange, communication, learning while teaching and beginning of lasting relationship of friend-ness with both participants and chef.


The experience itself. A different and more aware approach with food. Since then on, staying in a kitchen will be a Cooking Feast.

GiglioCooking  releases  a Certification of Attendance.
They will go back home with the package of the recipes* done at school and the apron.

*) For some courses the Package of recipes is a real book, printed exclusively for GiglioCooking


  1. "A dish must be simple, not easy."
    Giusto cara Marcella! Perché la "semplicità" è una cosa ben diversa dalla"facilità" e questo in senso lato nella vita. Essere semplici significa rimanere il più possibile vicino alla naturalità, allontanarsi dagli schemi imposti, seguire liberamente quello che la nostra anima ci suggerisce, senza aver paura di contrastare le "regole" imposte da altri. E questo presuppone una grande libertà interiore, e per avere questo significa avere profondità nel sentire le cose che ci circondano e che sono dentro di noi, con emozione e cuore.


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