The Pasta dough becomes Più Bella by resting...

... just like a lady, whose complexion is rested, smoother, relaxed after a good night sleep.

Making pasta is a labor of love and....strenght.  The reason is: you have to develop the gluten, practically the fabric that holds the dough all together.

Make a large well with your flour or semolina or a combination of the two, depending the grade of softness you want to obtain. Crack the egg/s in the middle and add water, the if the recipe you are making calls for it.

Start to beat vigorously with a fork , incorporating gradually the flour from the edge of the well.

When the mixture is hard enough to not run out from the borders of the well, gather it, scraping  and "flipping" it with a spatula.

Then the "real" work starts: the kneading. At the beginning soflty, as the mixture is still too soft and sticky.

Then, as the dough increases its texture, the "folding" and "stretching" must increase in energy. You will start to feel that the dough becomes more elastic at every motion.

When the dough is elastic and no more sticky, it is time to wrap it in a plastic film and let it rest for about one hour. 

You will see that then Lady Pasta will be more gentle, she will allow you to stretch her thinly and to shape her in the form you like for your dish. 

This is the way to shape Garganelli.

You can see them in the middle of the tray.

This is a deliciuos suggestion to serve them.