Almost Ready! .... and, are You Ready for an Unique Experience?

Right in the hystorical centre of Florence, the Palace Aldobrandini del Papa stands in front of the De' Medici Chapels. The apartments, which are under  the protection of the Soprintendenza alle Belle Arti (Authority for protection of evaluable ancient buildings and pieces of art), are inhabited.

Much of the artistic patrimony of the town belongs to private houses. Some of them are open to visitors on special occasions, but there is not access to the most of them, so that the masterpieces, that are  kept hidden,  remain secret.
The fresco you see in this picture is datet 1739 and it is a piece of the school of Master Vincenzo Meucci. Is it in the "alcove" - romantic bedroom with a poster bed - of the apartment.

Frescos, doors, furniture have being restored during the last three months.

The kitchen has been renovated with modern and functional furniture. 

Fifteen  more days and everything will be ready and shiny.

GiglioCooking proposes an unique experience, visibile also on this blog at:

After the final shopping at the market and the cooking lesson in the pretty kitchen, all the participants will sit around an ancient oval table - under a beautiful fresco and a Murano chandelier -  to enjoy the meal - they will have prepared - in Richard Ginori dishes, accompanied with wine sipped from crystal glasses. You see them in the pictures, still dusty and wrapped in paper for the restoring works in the house.

... to not be missed.

This experience can be done with at least 10 people.

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