Casa delle Eccellenze, the Backstage at GiglioCooking

Yesterday the first video...

GiglioCooking will be present at the Casa delle Eccellenze ( The House of the Excellence) on October 19th through 31st.
The Casa delle Eccellenza is the fair connected with the EXPO 2015. It takes place in Florence, in Piazza San Firenze, in the beautiful palace of the old tribunal, right behind Piazza della Signoria and PalazzoVecchio. 

Proudly I have to admit that GiglioCooking has been chosen to participate and I am  "snob-ily " declaring that GiglioCooking is  - since now -  officially part of the Excellance of Italy.

The professionist  Angela Gennaretti of the RedFish Co. has been shooting photos and video-taping the professionist Antonella La Macchia for the whole morning.

A pleasant morning of work and fun, collaborating with one other for the best result.

The dish that Antonella prepared represents what Italian Cuisine is nowadays: a combination of tradition and innovation.

She remodeled the presentation and the plating of one of the most known dishes of Sicilian cuisine: Pasta alla Norma.

The dish is simple, as well as most of the typical recipes of the Regional Cuisine.

But, as I always say, simple doesn't necessarily mean easy: the choice of the variety and quality of the ingredients, the care in the technique and a good pinch of that kind of passion filtered by professionalism, are what transform a simple dish in a masterpiece.

This is Angela, delighed - it seems - by the scents that, unfortunately could not be video-taped.

.... just a bit of show-off...

.... a bit of extra -taste...

...more than  a bit....

... a bit of color.....

... all things that give a good result with both eating and video..

... a bit of movement coordination...

... a roll of pasta is rolled up inside a roll of eggplant.

Preparation for the rain of basil leaves...

... the picture of the picture...

... the rainf of water drops... ( i am super curios of the what the final video would be...)

... plating..

Do you know what was the end of the morning?

A succulent lunch!