Elizabeth & Matt, Melissa & Gary, Sandi & Lenny

A fun group of "teen-agers" decided to go for a cooking class.

Their decision was for GiglioCooking.
Melissa was the organizer.
Matt is the writer who sent me a moving message for "a sumptuous meal, skills and recipes......wonderful camaraderie ", with the hope that "our paths will cross again in the future".

They made fresh pasta with zucchini blossoms.
They made beef stewed in wine and refined with balsamic vinegar.
They made sweet and sour onion and green beens with mint as side dish.
They made "the best gelato in town".


For every egg yolk:
100 ml ( 7 tbs) milk
200 gr ( 6 ½ oz) fresh liquid cream
30 gr ( 1  oz) sugar
80 gr ( 2 1/2  oz) dark chocolate

Heat the milk and melt in the shredded chocolate. Let it cool.
Heat the fresh cream with half of the sugar. Beat the egg yolk with the remaining sugar.
Temper the egg batter with the hot cream, then pour the new batter into the cream and bring it to 75°. Cool it .
Mix the chocolate with the cream batter.
Put into the ice cream machine.

I hope the same too, dear Matt, Elizabeth, Melissa, Gary, Sandi and Lenni. Somewhere in the world, for cooking together and having good conversation and laughs. Because meeting nice people is the real fortune of my job I am thankful for.