Or better: our name is Marcella and we love to cook

Marcella is a student of the Fashion And Technology Institute of New York. Coming to GiglioCooking for a food lesson is a tradition as this important Institute started to send its students in 2009. Since then, they come every year more than once. The Fashion Institute of Technology will be at GiglioCooking again before the end of this month.

When she first said her name I thought "Marcela", with one L, the Spanish version.
When she first saw my name, she thought: - Eh?! really? ... I guess this was meant to be! -
Marcella got this name as his father felt in love with this name during his first trip to Italy. 
- Good idea ! - I told her - Perhaps he knew that just best ones are named Marcella. We are not many... you know? -
- ...yes, i know... I am actually the only one I know with this name. And your are the first one I have ever met with my name. -
- Better! Search me on FB. You will be surprised as I am the only one in the FB world.. -
- I am not surprised...-

Marcella, I hope come back! "I 've got a feeling" that this  is gonna be a magical meeting!