The Third Time of Robyn....

.... and of her students.

This lady with the with her joyful smile is Professor Robyn.
For the third year in a row she took her class to a cooking lesson at GiglioCooking. 

Their "fun effort" had a final prize: a dish of soft Gnocchi with Pesto. Plus second course and dessert.

The students enjoyed all the menu, especially the last one...:


Ingredients for 4:
4 dl ( 1+1/2 cups) milk
2 whole eggs
3 egg yolks
150 gr (5 Oz) sugar
Vanilla flavour
4 tbs caramel (see basic recipe)

Boil the milk with the vanilla flavour.
Beat well the whole eggs and the egg yolks with the sugar. Let the milk to cool down to less than 60° c and pour it into the batter, stirring.
Filter the mixture if lumpy.
Spread one spoon of caramel on the bottom of four individual baking moulds. Pour upon the egg mixture.
Place the moulds in a baking pan containing warm water. Put in the oven at moderate temperature (160° c), cooking the crème caramel in a “bagno maria” for 25-30 minutes. Check that the water of the “bagno maria” never boils.
Cool before removing from moulds and serving.

Dear Robyn, thank you for your fidelity to GiglioCooking. I will be waiting for you on June of the next year!