When I started GiglioCooking School in Florence, in 2009.....

....... I got a loan to do the restoring works and set up the commercial kitchen.
I was lucky I could obtain money at the beginning of such an ecominc crisis as the banks would not give any money to almost anyone. 

Anyways I could never effort to do any advertising and marketing action. All what I was able - and hopefully I am still able - to do was work. I knew my job.
A friend told me about Tripadvisor.
It is was a funny conversation, tought. 
His pronunciation of English was not perfect. And I had never heard about Tripadvisor before. It was the end of 2010.
As he was speaking, I continued to understand "Trippa-advisor". 
I started to elaborated what it could mean, forcing to find a sense to the word "trippa-advisor". 
You have to know that in Florence there is a common street-food: a sandwich filled with tripe (the cow stomach) that in Italian is translated with the word "trippa". So i made up a sense to the word "trippa-advisor": it could be a kind of evaluation of the best "trippa places" in town. Just i did not understand how GiglioCooking could fit in such a competition. 
I confess that when I started to search for "Trippa-advisor" on internet to sign up, I had some hard time. 

Fifteen days ago I got a nice surprise: a large envelope with the Certificate of Excellence. Actually they were two: on in English, on in Italian.
They are now hanging respectively at the glass front door and at a wall: I am showing off....... proudly, but not without gratitude.

Tripadvisor has been the free mean trough which people could know me and GiglioCooking. Tripadvisor is the modern form of "word from mouth", the kind of advertisement people trust the most. 

This letter-confession is meant to give thanks to all who put a review about this "small cooking scool with big ambition".  

Thanks to all the "Reviewers": from my heart, with the awareness that without the time you took to write the beautiful things all of you wrote about me, GiglioCooking would not be at the point where it is.




  1. This is so wonderful, Marcella. Really moved me and makes me feel SO proud again and again for what you have accomplished all on your own. You're the hardest working chef I know. Bacione, Susina


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