My School "Farm to Table"

Pear are hanging yellow and ripe, just a few minutes before they....

....become a jam.

Beans are drying, pluttering and popping in the sun, spreading around the white gems.

A brief walk on them completes the work of the sun.

The wind makes a good job, blowing away dust and residues while pouring them from a bucket to another one.

These are nice Beans Piattelli, with such a tender and thin skin as it dissolves in your mouth.

Eggplants are picked in the vegetable garden and immediately peeled, sliced and process with salt. Tomorrow they will be canned with olive oil to become  a summer-y taste to be enjoyed in the winter.
A few more days and it will be the turn of tomatoes.

Would you like to cook with perfect ingredients? contact me! you are welcome!