GiglioCooking starts 2016 with some news. One of them is ... Wine, altough from another perspective: Pairing Food & Wine.

The Sommelier Alessandra Panunti will be our teacher-mate.

We will offer two kinds of lesson: 

From Food to Wine

From Wine to Food

Similar, but different by the way to face the matter.  

"From Food to Wine" starts from cooking three recipes, under the direction of the Chef. The lesson finishes at table with the Sommelier who will match three wine, one for each dish.

"From Wine to Food" is a lesson with the Sommelier. The lesson is focused on some specific aspects of wine such as information on quality Italian wines, their grapes, their origin, their link with the territory and the best pairing wine–and-food.
The Sommelier Alessandra Panunti will introduce you to the world of Italian wine, guiding you in the tasting of four top quality wines   together with paired foods from the extraordinary Italian gastronomic patrimony  (cheese, cured meats, different breads ). 

contact: info@gigliocooking.com