The Pork Eater and the HoneyMooner

First Pradeep started his story:
-I have never eaten pork in Shri Lanka. I did not like pork in Shri Lanka. I have never tasted it..
The first dinner I had with the family where I live here in Florence, there was meat. So asked what it was and the "Signora" answered "pork".
So I said, I do not like pork, I do not eat pork but it was fine, I could eat the other foods on the table.
Some days later, I came back home from school, and I was hungry as I had not lunch.
So I open the refrigerator and started to eat.
The meat tasted ... different to me, but... good. I liked it!
The Signora came and he asked me.
- Have you eaten at lunch? -
- Yes! -
- What did you eat? -
- What was in the refrigerator... -
- That was pork. So... you have eaten pork! -
- oh.. yes! -
- .. and... di dyou like it? -
- Yes, I like it! -

So since I am in Italy, I eat pork.
I have to say that now pork is my favourite meat!

Then it is the turn of Kaori.
- Where are you from Kaori? -
- Japan -
- Yes, I know.. but from where? 
- Ooohhh.. Tokio! -
- Are you travelling alone Kaori? -
- Yes... much fun! - 
- For how long? -
- Ten days, only. Our vacations in Japan are short... -
- Yes... so short time, as you come from so far..!
- Actually this is my honey moon.
- Oh! and where is your husband?
- Oh... he remained at home. He could not have vacation. So I had to leave alone.-
- A honeymoon without the husband...?
- Yes. -
- Ooohhhhh...-
- But this is a great time for me, I am having a lot of fun!
- Oh oh! if you say so...-

See? everything can happen at GiglioCooking! Also spending one hour at table laughting like crazy....