I have what we like to define a "certain age". 
I thought, or better, I was thinking that I know my region and my country. 
I have been living in Tuscany, in different areas of Tuscany, almost all my life. 
Yet any time I take the car and drive  - almost at random - through the unwinding roads, the rolling hills, the shaded woods, the sunny sea landscapes, to the top of the mountains, inside our labyrinthic towns... any single time, I was saying, I discover something I had ignored the existence of. 
That something can be a piece of art, a castle, a painting of a famous artist, a food, a special cooking technique, a typical produce, an artisan piece, even a person with a strong significance for that specific place or an entire village.
Italy has a small size but everyone needs more than one life to discover it all. 
My last "discovery" is Roccatederighi. 
I knew about  its existence. 
I knew where it is located. 
But  i had never been there before. 
Maybe not any occasion occurred.
Maybe I thought that it was just "another" of the many beautiful villlages on top of a hill and I had already seen a lot of them.
The strongest sensation?
In both good and bad ways. 

This is the piazza on top of the village, next to the tower.

Roccatederighi is layed on the ridge and around the peak of a mountain. 

After the last houses, there are just rocks. I have to stay sitting for dizzyness. 

This is Max, pretending to jump and to not be dizzy.... macho-man... 

 This is the terrace of the restaurant where we had lunch.

This is me, pretending to not have vertigo.... for the perfection of the ravioli I tasted - actually divored - ......

I think I will go back there....I mean..... to the restaurant.. ah ah ..