The Best Student of the Morning

He does not eat greens, or fruit and all what comes from them: no soups, no vegetable side dishes...
Just like my son.
That is why he has been the best cook on the morning of April 20th.
Sorrounded by women ( mother, cuisine and great-antie) he found himself in the middle of a task force!
Although all this "negative pressure" he found the energy to mince, stir, mix, to snap-peas, shredd kale, season and.... TASTE!!!!

in particular he found the strenght and the "nerve" to have some spoons of a earthy Ribollita!

Because of this extarordinary success, he signed the apron with a dedication to me: to the best teacher.



In the original recipe the “guanciale” is required. Guanciale is the pork cheek: may be someone has found it in a typical shop, otherwise we must be satisfied of “pancetta”, that is the pork belly.
Ingredients for 4 pers (these ingredients may vary according to the market, the season and your preference and fantasy)

Extra virgin Olive oil      100 grams ( 3 Oz)
Pork cheek     50 grams ( 1 ½ Oz) (optional)
Onions        250 grams ( 8 Oz)
Half black cabbage  (it is a kind of kale, not available in spring and summer. Replace with Savoy cabbage in this case)
Courgettes    2
Peas       150 grams  ( 5 Oz)
Potatoes    250 grams  ( 8 Oz)
Carrots      2
Celery rib      1
Basil and parsley
White beans (cannellini)    300 grams ( 10 Oz) (already 12 hours soaked  and boiled 2 hours
Tomatoes        250 grams ( 8 Oz) ( or half can peeled tomatoes)
Stale bread   250 grams ( 8 Oz) (in some  recipes, the sliced of stale bread must be alternated with the vegetables; the soup must rest for half hour to let the bread to be soaked.)
Salt – pepper

Chop the onion, celery, parsley, and pork cheek, and sauté them in a saucepan with olive oil.
Rinse the black cabbage (kale) and cut it juliennes.
Dice the zucchini.
Peel the carrots and potatoes and dice them.
Take the peas off the pods.
When the vegetables are soft, add the black cabbage, cover the saucepan, and cook for a few minutes, adding hot water (or the water where the beans have been cooked). Add the diced carrots, potatoes, peas, zucchini and tomatoes. Season with salt, and cook for about one hour, adding water. 
Puree half of the beans; add both the pureed and the whole beans and stir.
Crumble the bread and add it to the vegetables, whisking well. Cook 15 more minutes, stirring often.
This soup can be served with and extra drizzle of olive oil and fresh ground pepper on top.