Calendar of June: Second Week

Second week of june

MON 6th
TUE 7th
WED 8th
THUR 9th
FRI 10th
SAT 11th
SUN 12th
9,30 -  01:00
Pasta Made With Different Flours. The use of buck wheat, hazelnut, beans purees, kamut, Recipes: traditional Pasta and fagioli; Marcella’s Pasta and Fagioli; Soy lecithin pasta
Vegetable 1
Recipes: Classic Melanzane alla Parmigiana and modern variations; Burrata salad; Eggplant mousse in chocolate bomb; Minestrone.; delicate lentils soup.
 (this lesson might slide to the afternoon or to Sat 11th)
Fish 2 - Preserved Cod Fish, Baccalà and Stoccafisso, from traditional recipes to foams. Anchovies and sardines: from Roman Garum to modern finger foods.

Pasta 4 : Coloured Pasta, with vegetables. Pasta with soy lecitine. Recipes: Green handkerchiefs with asparagus and scampis; Black taglioni with white squid; Coffee tagliatelle with artichokes; Red tagliolini with zucchini and smoked cheese

Gnocchi : Recipes: potato gnocchi ; fuchsia with beet roos; chestnut gnocchi. Spinach dumplings; Parisienne.

10:00 -01:00

11:00 -02:00

Pizza & Gelato: Pizza dough and toppings, Vanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate Ice Cream

Tuscan Experience Ribollita or Minestrone, Chicken Hunter Style; Biscotti with Almonds



Sicilian Experiee
Timbale “Norma”; Pork rolls; Cassata Siciliana


Linguine limone e zenzero
Acciughe fritte e verdure fritte
Pesche ripiene

Pappa al pomodoro
Zuppa Inglese