Westmoreland County Community College in Youngwood at GiglioCooking

The lesson started with the ingredients displayed on tables and counters.

Then Chef Antonella gathered some students around the pasta table and started to explain the formation of the gluten....

and how to clean and cut artichokes for the pasta sauce.

The meat was stewing in a generous bottle of  Syrah from Montepulciano poured by the hand of Chef Marcella.

Chef Giovanni echantented with his scientific techniques on sugar cooking.

Everything was cooked with  harmony and smiles.

Chef Giovanni "folding" the coffee biscuit.

Grating cheese is boring, but someone has got to do it!

While someone else could proudly show cubed apples.

The "Queen" showing her scepter


Cindy is getting ready for her speech ....

Finally it's time to plate.

Terrine of Gorgonzola with caramellized apples.

At table!

Then the Tagliatelle with Artichokes.

No phots for the Beef stwed in wine with balsamic vinegar. I was the Chef of that and... I was plating.....

Then the De-constructed Tiramisù.

The feast is not over yet.

Cindy got emotional during her speech for the graduation..

of these four pretty girls.


Thank to you all because:

- No one was chatting on cell phone
- Everyone was involved with cooking
- Everyone was smiling
- Everyone did their best to carry on the dinner and give help where there was need
- You created a charming atmosphere and the event came out perfect!