The Little Super Chef

She is tiny, sweet, pretty, tender and always smiling. 

Mizuki, this is her name. She is from Japan and came to GiglioCooking with papà and mamma. 
She is five years old. 
She speaks perfect English. 
She hit her head at the corner of the marble table, she said:
- oh oh! - 
Then she smiled!

Would you ever guess what is she able to do, besides being brave when she hits the head and besides speaking another language?

Have a look at the following pictures!

Not only she made two kinds of ravioli: she also ate a lot, considering her size....


... as she loves the tartness of lemon, rather than the chocolate, she made - and ate - a fabolous Crostata with Lemon custard.

Grazie Mille Mizuki! 
I cannot wait to cook with you again!