The Name of my Sister in Low is TERESA SABATINI....

...and yesterday, May 10th, was her birthday.

This pretty lady is TERESA SABATINI.
It was her birthday. 
She is not my sister in low.

She came yesterday to GiglioCooking to attend a cooking class with her daughter Shannon: this was her way to celebrate the birthday.

GiglioCooking, once again, seems to be the place of coincidences and synchronisms. 
A few days ago it was the time of Rachel ( we have the same birthday : look at this:   )

Yesterday, it was double: also the same name!!!!!

What can I say?
Maybe Teresa Sabatini was sent here by the Universe just to remind me to do an urgent telephone call to another Teresa Sabatini.

Maybe all the "double things" are just to show me how fortunate I am. 

In this photo,mother and daughter are working together. Nice, ah? 

Happy Birthday Teresa Sabatini!
to you both, thanfully and sincerely