I was sitting at the "Control Tower", from where I can dominate the entrance door. A girl knocked, about ten days ago. I run downstairs, let her in. She wanted information for a cooking course (oh, yes... what else?...).
I asked her to follow me to my office and sit with me at my pc to see which options there were in the period she was staying in Florence. That was soon, now, within the next ten days....
I showed her something: she could have taken one or more Private Lessons, there were some empty spaces. It is high season, lots of work now. 
I showed her the "Open Lessons" she could have taken part in. 
She would have possibly taken a week long course.
- Ok  - I said -  Let's see.... You could do a 4 or a 5  days long course, but the schedule would go up and down. As you see there are not 4 or 5 free afternoons in a row. We could do this - i said drawing a zig zag line with a pensil on the calendar -.
- FINE! -

When she said "Fine!" she had this smile.
Determination and happyness. 
She got what she wanted.
She was happy.
This aptitude was a kind of familiar to me. But I decided to not pay much attention to flying sensations. 

The first lessn was in the morning of May 4th, when she made different pasta doug from different areas of Tuscany: Testaroli, Pici, Tagliatelle with semolina, Crepes.

The second day was "meats": so she had to bone a rabbit, bone quails. She also cooked pork and chicken. She touched everything with curiosity, a little hint of "gross" at the beginning, immediately defeated by the will of learning; she followed all the instructions and the preparations came out very well done . Everything with her happy smile.

Thus was the third day: fish, when she challenged herself cleaning and cooking different type of fish and seafood.

Still, the sensation of "familiarity" was "clouding" my head, but I tried to sweep it off, as I had to be focused on teaching, trying to not  say silly things.

At the end of the morning we set down at table for the tasting.
The telephone rang. I talked for a few minutes. Then I hung up the telephone, I apologize for the interruption, I justified myself saying the truth, it was my daughter calling for a pre-wish, as tomorrow, May 7th, was my birthday.
Rachel's answer was:
- It is my birthday too -


All things came to us:
to me the way I was hit but her determination: she wanted to do a cooking course and she had got it, running a zig zag race. Obstacles cannot be a problem. They actually do not exist and everything can be done.


By a fortunate coincidence, May 7th was the "dessert day".

Creme Brulé of Pecorino Toscano, 


 Fruit cake....

Perfect for the feast!

Her smile was even more bright for pride.

This is how we celebrated.



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