My First Garlic Braid

Here I (proudly) am with the garlic braids.

The place is Farneta, area of Cortona, Val di Chiana ( Under the Tuscan Sun...). The bright blue behind my neck is the swimming pool of Villa Farnia. I live there.. sometimes, when I am not in Florence or Giglio Island. 

I had never done a garlic braid before, that is why I am happy.

What happened?

This is Max, cleaning the garlics he had just picked in the vegetable garden.

Different varieties of garlic: there is also the famous Aglione, the big white garlic with a mild taste, typical of this area. 

The garlics have this kind of beard, that must be removed if you wont sweep your floor every two minutes when they are hanging. 

Suddenly, Max yelled at me, with his loud and imperious tone:
- Come here! -
- ??? -
- Make braids! -
- .... never done that... -
- WHAT???? !!!! ....  ever done a braid with your hair when you where young?
- Yes... but they were three bunches of hair.... here there are ten, fifteen stems of garlic to braid together.... show me!
- ..... kidding! you can do it! try! - 

This is Max: farmer to the depth. What can I say? I tried. 

These are my hands, attempting to braid garlics, adding one at a time. 

I tried....

.....and tried.

This is what I got. Not perfect,.... but they stayed together. 
You know what??

The hugliest braid was his.