The Sea The Way I Like It: Crystal Water and Sea Urchins

A little boat is ideal, if you want to go along the coast, bay after bay, and stopping where the water is calm and inviting. 

For example, you can stop here. The name of this place is Cala Monella. It means "Naughty - impertinent - Bay", as it attracts you like the sound of the Mermaids. 

Here you can jump in this natural swimming pool...

... or walk on smooth rocks that descend gradually to the depth, like on the beach.

It is in waters like this , that I like to swimm: sweetly, without rushing, listening to the fizzy sound of the waves on the rocks.

Max is more practical: he prefers to do "something", like picking sea urchins....

,,, for me!

With some of them, we have decided to make a sauce for the pasta for  dinner.

They are so irresistible as we had some of their gonads on a piece of bread. 
It's the "Miracle of the Sea": how can be something so sweet in the middle of saltyness?
Maybe that what the Mermaid do is not to sing, as legends tell. They attract humans with the sweetness of sea urchins.