Yes... but I have to work at pc....

Yesterday night I was very tired, after weeks of work ( Thank God for this). I could not answer to some emails for the risk of an incoming head ache with related  dizziness.

Thus, this morning I woke up with this "trill": I have got to work at pc.

Oh, well.... The place in the photo is where I woke up. 

Yesterday night Max pretended to be happy to go to the restaurant ( I had warned him: not make me cook and wash dishes, I am exausted) but, during the dinner, he could not avoid to sentence - as he always does - " I eat well only at home".
Believe me: I felt the impulse to leave him alone at the restaurant, but I was too tired for an argument.

So, altough I had my job in mind, this morning anyways I had to "be forgiven" and to feel less guilty. Translation: I had to cook.

I knew there was some stale bread soaking in water and vinegar in the refrigerator. Max had started the Panzanella for dinner yesterday.  My DUTY is: washing tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh onions, basil and finishing it. No onions in the fridge or in the basket.

Where is Max?

Ok, let's go out. Search for him.
He cannot be anywhere else than in the orchard.
" Give me one onion for the Panzanella", I yell from far.
"Come here! pass upon the cut wheat!"
I am wearing flip flop sandals.
I go, pushing down the sticks which are piercing my nude legs.
"Are they piercing you? " Max screams.
" No... I am fine.."
" You have to walk sliding forward your foot,  push down the sticks"
" Ahhh... really? "

I get next to him. He gives me a red oblung onion just pulled out from the ground.
I think: I have to work on pc. I say : " The plum tree is full".
"Yeaahhh. ... should be picked... no time.... "
" You need me to bring you a bucket? "
" Oh, yeaah... and also, as you go, if you don't mind, bring me spade"
"Where is it? "
"Just next to the wood oven"
I go back  up, passing the same way on the cut wheat.
I go the garage, take the bucket, then to the barn, next to the oven. 
Luckly the spade was there.

I think: I have to work at pc.

I go back down, passing on the cut wheat. 
Max says: " Do you mind picking the plums".
I go to the tree with the bucket.
There is mud around the tree. My feet sink and get dirty.
Yes... but i have to work at pc.

I pick the plums.
Max gives me a bigger bucket full of everything.
I go back to the house.

There are also beet roots. I wash them and put to boil.
They take a while, so, if I want to work at pc, I'd better start first to cook. I want to make a salad of Beet root, creamy goat cheese and parsley. My friend Sue Campbell taugh me this salad. Delicious.

I count 140 zucchini flowers. I clean them all. It takes 40 minutes.
Then I slice the onion for the Panzanella and let it soak in fresh water. 
Finally I go to pc.
I do this post.
No real work....
I have to go back to the kitchen.