A Young and Technological Olive Oil Master

Who said that they have to be old and "know it all"?
This boy is wise, knowledgeable,  humble and.....handsome.

Yesteday we brought our olives to the "Frantoio" for the second time this year.
Although we prefer to pick the olives still under-ripe, this year is even earlier than usual.
The reason is the risk of the invasion of the olive-fly.
We could spread pesticides on our trees, but we wont.
We'd rather have less yeald, but good, safe and healthy extra virgin olive oil. 

In this new machinery system, the olives are separated from the leaves,

then brought to wash with an "escalator" system. 

Then the olives are pushed into a "press machine". This big screw crushes them into a paste, keeping them protected from external contamination and at a constant temperature of 26° c ( 78,8F)

In this "Frantoio" there is also another machine, that works according to the ancient way: two big stone wheels crush the olives.

Once, the wheels were turned with animals. Today we have electricity, Thanks God!

Then the olive paste is filtered with a system of "fiscoli"

This is a "fiscolo": a disk of intertwined threads. Then the  "fiscoli" are piled in groups of five. Each group is separated by a metal disk. The pile is inserted in a metal stick.  

This family is proud to offer both methods of pressing olives. The young Olive Oil Master supervises.

At the Frantoio there is also a room used as museum. These are the old "ziri", clay containers for olive oil.

The entrance door of the little museum.

Stainless-steel is the material used today.

Our treasure coming out. The yeald was only 8,8 %, but the flavor is spectacular!

The feast can begin! Bruschetta with the new olive and a glass of good wine.

What Else??