Pastry & Bakery Program will take place in March 2017

The schedule:

First module:
Thursday March 9th: 06:00:09:00 pm
Friday, March 10th, 06:00:09:00 pm
Saturday, Marc 11th: 06:00:09:00 pm
Sunday, March 12th  10.00 am - 01:00 pm

Second module:
Thursday March 16th : 06:00:09:00 pm
Friday, March 17th, 06:00:09:00 pm
Saturday, March 18thth06:00:09:00 pm
Sunday, March 19th :06:00:09:00 pm

Third module:
Thursday March 23d06:00:09:00 pm
Friday, March 24th06:00:09:00 pm
Saturday March 25th,  06:00:09:00 pm
Sunday March 26th, :  06:00:09:00 pm

information and reservation: