I wanted to write this post since a long ago.
But  I wanted to write it without rush.
I wanted to write the right words.
Because Camerino is one of the (too) many hystorical towns destroyed by the earthquakes of the last months.
I wanted to find the right and respectful way to express my sorrow.
I wont write about the sad part of the recent happenings in Camerino.
I want to write about the vitality and the beauty of this town.
I want to write how much I miss it, althoug I have never lived there.

I went to Camerino at the end of January 2016.

I was expecting to find a beautiful and empy old town, as many others in Italy. Many of the Italian villages ad towns have preserved their beauty and they are.... empty. This is another story I cannot tell now.

Anyways, I was expecting the sad loneliness of a few men sitting in the Coffee Bar.

What I found: young people walking in the streets. 

Students from Greece, United States, Spain.... from all over the world. 9.000 students.
We entered the Information Office and started to talk with the kinds lady working there. Her name is Nancy Biraschi. She recently posted on FB photos of the disaster in her own town.
I feel close to her, although we have had only one, not planned, meeting.
She took us inside the majestic building to show us pretty frescoes at the ceiling, arazzi, emblems of noble ancient families; she expained us that the University is an excellence in Italy for the research in many fields of knowledge: biology, chemistry, medicine.

I want to believe that Camerino will be again and soon the brilliant town I saw, full of students, languages, words, ideas........... 

The long terrace of the main building of the University, with the view on the valley

The other side of the view

Camerino is  a place full of peace, not just silence.