Castel dell'Ovo in Napoli: Another Dimension of the Space

This post has the pretension to be part of a series of posts that do not regard strictly the cuisine. They start as "astonishment" and "wonder" any time I discover my Country, Italy. Yes, although I am Italian, "to discover" is the appropriate verb.

In these posts I write the emotions and the sensations I feel - often suddenly and in a not espected way - when I travel through Italy. So, nothing really hystorical or geographycal or of culinary interest. Just my own feelings.

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At the end, all this has to do with cooking, as well.

Although in a very little part, with my posts I want to show how Italy is  different in any corner and to (partially) make comprehensible the reasons why Italy has the widest variety of foods and foods techniques in the world. 

This is Castel dell 'Ovo: it looks like an irregular cube on a rock right off the Promenade of Mergellina.  It does not look particularly actractive , nor big: it looks rather little military fortification, a sightseeing tower, the first defense line with cannons looking  out from the embrasures. 

This is me, on the large stairs going up and inside the castle. The stairs, I notice, are pretty wide.

Walking in, I found that there are houses......

.............. a church, ....

...... arches with a view on the city.

It is a village inside a town.

You may wonder whether the buildings, streets and  piazzas magically grow as you walk inside.....  you are in another dimension of the space.

At the end of the visit, i took the last brief choc, leaning out on the breath-taking vertical on the sea shore.