Home Made Sausages: Photo Recipe

First Step: buy the whole shoulder of a pig, happily breeded and healthy fed. 

Bone it.

Cut the meat,...

 ..... eliminating also the strongest tendons.

At this point you have to choose which kind of sausage or salami you want to make: with ground  meat .........

or with meat cut by knife, like the typical Soppressata.

This is Cinghiale - Wild Boar -. Max is showing to Leigh how to pick the right pieces for the sausage and the best ones to cure whole and then to hung for drying. 

The meat, either ground or cut, just pork or a mixture of pork and wild boar, must be kneaded like a dough, mixing in it the right amount of salt: 26 grams for Kilogram in case of fresh sausages, 28 grams in case of aged salamis.
Spices can be added: hot chili pepper, pepper, fennel seeds, garlic and wine as well.

Another choice that requires experience, is the bowel: with a thinner or thicker membrane depending the aging duration of the salami. To facilitate the operation, the bowel must be first inflated. 

The bowel is completely inserted in the "funnel" applied to the grinder machine.

... and... VOILA'!