The Easy Recipe of the Christmas Log



A cake with the shape of a snow-ed fir-log.

For the pastry dough:
4 egg, separated
75 gr ( 2 ½ Oz) sugar
a few drop of vanilla extract or a pinch of vanilla powder
a pinch of salt
75 gr ( 2 ½ Oz ) flour
For the filling:
1 egg
2 tbs ( 30 gr – 1 Oz) sugar
2 tbs Brandy
400 gr ( 13 Oz) chestnut jam
1 tbs bitter cocoa
For the topping:
300 gr ( 10 Oz) bitter chocolate
For garnish:
Powdered sugar
Candy fruits

1)    Put 4 egg yolks in a bowl (keeping the whites apart) with 75 grams sugar and beat up with a whisk. Add the vanilla powder (1 envelope) and a pinch of salt.
2)    In one other bowl, beat up the egg whites until stiff
3)    Add 75 gr flour to the yolk mixture, a bit a time, passing it through a sieve; then add the whites carefully.
4)    Pour out the batter in a large baking pan and cook at 200° for 10-12 minutes. Wet a large cloth and lay it on the table; remove the cake over it. Roll the cake with the cloth and put in the fridge for 1 hour. Take care the cake is still hot as you roll it.
5)    Prepare the cream. Put 1 whole egg in a bowl, add 2 spoons of sugar and beat up until foamy ( to prevent eventual salmonella diseases, heat this batter in double boiling until 70°). Aromatise with 2 spoons of brandy, add 400 grams chestnut jam, a spoon of bitter cocoa and mix well.
6)    Take off the rolled pastry from the fridge; un-wrap with care; lay the cream upon it. Roll again. Wrap in the cloth, or in plastic film, and put in the fridge again for 3 hours
7)    Remove from the fridge, take off the plastic film, cut the two ends and joint them to the sides, as a tree log.
8)    With a spatula, lay melted chocolate, making strips with a fork
9)    Sprinkle with powdered sugar (the snow) and decorate with candy fruits.